Name of the website Description Type A fine resource for lawyers worldwide. Partly free and partly fee based Library of U.S Congress. A repository of variety of law resources. Free A general overview about law. Powered by law lexicon Free A U.S based website providing wide variety of legal resources including full texts of case law. Partly free and partly fee based Has formats of wide variety of legal documents. Free and fee based A very popular law website with a wide variety of resources Free - needs a formal sign up and login A great website on U.S. copyright laws Website of Internet public library. Has wide collection of books on law An Indian website with wide variety of resources Fee based Librarians index to the internet Free A comprehensive website on india laws and case laws Fee based A good website on Indian laws. Fulltech of supreme court cases are available Free. some services are fee based A very good resource on central excise, customs, income tax laws etc..and also a fine resource on case laws. Some areas need subscription, otherwise a single sign-up and login is required The official website of Central Board of Excise and Customs. Authentic and updated resources on customs, central excise and service tax laws and procedure Free The website of Center of Excellence in Environmental Economies sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. A fine resource on environmental issues and the associated laws. Free The official website of Wildlife Trust of India. gives the law and case law relating to wildlife protection Free A website on laws relating to minorities in India Free The official portal of offive of controller General of Patents, Designs, Trade Marks. An official resource on Intellectual Property laws and procedure Free A website to create awarness among indian national about the rampant abuse of dowry laws, punishable murder section498a of Indian Penal Code Free Provides free legal aid and advice on Indian laws Free A website for building communication skills in the legal profession Free This site is designed to offer comprehensive international tax and financial information for business person Free A good resource for Central Excise, Customs, FEMA laws. Free A website powered by Fee-based A portal of Indial Legal Institute. Has a variety of information on Indian Laws. Free A website with links to useful websites on laws as well as on other general sites Free A fine resource on arms laws in India Free A premium website for all laws of India. Provides a huge resource of case laws of all cowets and tribunals Fee based A general portal on Indian tax laws. gives an overview of tax laws. Free The official website of Reserve Bank of India. Deals with foreign exchange, banking laws and the associated procedures Free Claims to be an Indian Gateway to hte world of laws. Has a legal dictionary Free A comprehensive news portal on law Free A site with legal tips on law to hire an advocate with texts of rare Acts and rules. Also has a glossary of legal terms Free for clients. Fee for Advocates A Comprehensive portal on State VAT laws, rules and circulars Free. Needs a formal registeration Claims to be a one step shop for all vat laws and procedure Fee based A good and easily navigable site for income tax, Vat and service tax Needs registeration and login An exclusive site for VAT laws in Tamilnadu. Has a tamil version Free. Needs a formal registeration The Judgement Information System of Indian Courts. Gives complete text of the judgements Free An interactive platform for lawyers & Indian public Free. Needs a formal login. A social service law forum which provide qualitative legal services to marginalized groups Free Gives a bird's eye view of all Indian laws.Has an online bookstore and a directory of lawyers. Free
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Has a variety of videos on subject of law and cross examination Free The official website of the International Association of Law Libraries. Free Best resources on law. Interactive site allows you to contribute and edit articles Free A website providing full text of Supreme Court decisions with excellent search facility Free A website of Central India Law Quarterly. An journal with scholary articles on law Free. Needs a formal registeration An excellent search engine for Indian Laws and Court judgements Free Gives information on Income tax refunds for people who hence worked abroad Claims to be the most comprehensive tax site directory on the web. Free. Needs formal registration The Website of the Indian Society of International laws. Publishes the Indian Journal of International law. Requires subsription for the journal The official website of Council on Foreign relation. A non partisan resource for information and analysis of international law and foreign affairs. Free Website of the British Institute of International and Comparative laws Free The official website of Ministry of Labour Free A comprehensive resources for Indian employment & labour laws Free A wonderful website giving the latest supreme court cases. Synopsis of latest case law can be obtained free for full text needs subscription Partly free + partly fee based A fine site giving the synopsis of interesting scholarly articles on law Partly free (Neds formal registeration) Partly fee based A very good site on Indian laws with full texts of the laws Free Claims to be the first portal dedicated to Indian laws. Offers free legal advice Free A good resource on direct and indirect tax laws. Full texts of case laws of courts and trubunals are available Fee based A wonderful research tool for everybody Free The largest online library with resources for research on any subject Fee-based An American site for U.S personal taxation laws Free A comprehensive resource on legal information in U.S.A Most of the information is free. However this pr------- A site for general info on American tax law. Gives info on world-wide tax systems. A good site on laws of U.S.A.Has links to Law lexicons. Free
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